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I have dyslexia. I will never run from this fact. I love it, hate it and live with it constantly.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Released and free!

Well I’m waiting for a few more responses to the question at the end of my last post before answering them. But some people were asking about how my imagination was ‘shackled’ as I mentioned before and I would like to address that one now. My mind is always doing things, the little movements out of the corner of your eye; my mind sees them and makes things from them. A floating eye or a laughing ghost from light reflected in my own glasses. Colors each have a life and flavor in my mind, I’m seeing an old brown plaid couch out of the corner of my eye but at the same time I’m seeing chocolate bar the size of, well, a couch, I can smell it and I wish I could get up and eat it. My mouth is seriously watering for chocolate now, damn… Anyway.

My medication made the light interesting sparkles and the couch look uncomfortable. Everything fantastic and new at every turn died. I am Calvin without Hobbs or his alter ego Space Man Spiff. Even as I write a ten page paper for my Fiction class I feel and see my imagination rocking out to my Chinese Techno Classical music selection bouncing between the stars and strumming the tails of chilly comets like strings. On medication my imagination barely did a lame dance in the corner out of time with the music.

My imagination was my balloon which lifted my spirits and brightened my day. I am well and truly happier without little pills regulating my life.

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