Life of a Dyslexic Student. Dealing with student life: homework, notes, social activities, and so much more.

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I have dyslexia. I will never run from this fact. I love it, hate it and live with it constantly.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sydlexia Student

I am a Dyslexic Student. I have been diagnosed and have the paperwork for it somewhere in a file back home. I don't need it to rememer my disability. It's with me all the time. A constant reminder in how I read, write, listen and speak.

As part of this project I will not be correcting spelling, grammar, or any other syntax errors which might occur when I am composing these posts. I have a large vocabulary and I refuse to let my disability curb my expression.

So... Who's interested? Who wants to know about the life of the 'Learning Disabled'? Come on, lets step though the looking glass.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alex, the Internet is like a hunting ground. I hunt through the Internet in searching for tips to overcome dyslexia. “Click!” Read through your articles and found myself facing through the same challenges.

Your article will definitely make a difference to many people; if not, at the very least you have made me feel good about being alive. We are after all a class of resilience warriors. All the best in your Life!

May 18, 2008 at 6:23 AM  

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